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Our Guarantee

We are a family run business dedicated to two guiding principles – crafting the finest quality gourmet popcorn and delivering unsurpassed customer service.

What this means is that, unlike many of the other popcorn companies out there, we do not mass-produce our gourmet popcorn, only to have it sit on warehouse shelves growing old and stale. Instead, we handcraft our popcorn in small batches to ensure the freshest, most delicious popcorn is carefully crafted for each and every customer. After all, while The Popped Kernel has grown, so has our commitment to our family-oriented customer service.

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, please let us know so that we can promptly address your concerns.  Reach us by email at service@thepoppedkernelco.com, call us at 586-804-POPD (7673) or by using this contact form