Shipping & Delivery

Because of our commitment to quality and the freshest, most delicious popcorn, we do not ship to locations outside of the continental United States. Additionally, the exact cost for your handcrafted gourmet popcorn order depends upon the destination and the items purchased. Contact us either by phone, email or our Contact Form for more details regarding shipping and handling costs.

In many cases, when we have the flavor/product on-hand, we can ship/deliver your order within one to two days. The length of time required by the shipping company to deliver the order to your location will vary according to the destination and shipping method. Because of our commitment to quality, small batch creations, our gourmet popcorn does not sit on warehouse shelves for long periods of time becoming stale and less than perfect. Due to this, some orders may take one to two weeks to make and ship/deliver. In these cases, we will notify you when ordering. We know that our popcorn is so delicious that you may not want to wait this long, but it is required to ensure that we live up to our motto - Popcorn Made Perfect!